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Help with Lifeline

Find out who to contact about Lifeline Program-related issues such as:

  • A problem with your discounted telephone services,
  • A complaint about your telecommunications company,
  • A letter from USAC about multiple discounts, or
  • To report Lifeline Program fraud.

File a Complaint

Help USAC do better. Inform USAC of:

  • An unprofessional exchange with a USAC employee,
  • Unresponsiveness by USAC,
  • Late or deficient performance by USAC,
  • Unclear or incorrect information provided by USAC, or
  • Ongoing system or tool issues.

If you are an eligible consumer of the Lifeline Program and wish to file a complaint against your telecommunications company, please contact your state public utility commission. You may also file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

Submit a Whistleblower Alert

Contact USAC to report:

  • Potential violations of any laws, rules, or regulations for universal service programs;
  • Mismanagement, waste, or improper use of funds;
  • Fraudulent activity; and
  • Abuse of authority.

USAC Customer Service Standards

USAC strives to conduct its business with high standards of professionalism and respect. In the event that you had a communication with USAC that does not meet these standards, we invite you to tell us the details of this exchange using one of the processes on the File a Complaint page.

Within two business days, a response to an inquiry or complaint will be provided or an estimate will be given for when a response will be provided based on the complexity of the inquiry or complaint. Total time to respond will not exceed 20 business days from inquiry or complaint receipt. When inquiries or complaints are made to one of USAC's customer service centers via telephone, 95 percent of the calls received will be answered by a live person during operating hours.